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Andrew was unable to get out and about due to chronic pain and spasms that severely restricted his mobility. Being isolated at home was having a negative effect on his life but now that Mobility Trust has been able to provide him with a large scooter, he is once again able to enjoy doing simple things like visiting friends, shopping and walking his dog.


Ally suffers from constant pain due to a metal prosthesis in her leg. She also struggles with her balance and muscle wastage in both legs. Ally wanted to be able to get out with the family but her disability meant that she was always left behind. Mobility Trust provided her with a scooter so that mum can now take the children to the park or pick them up from school without having to depend on others.


Monzur required a very complex wheelchair to suit his needs and neither he nor the NHS could afford it. Mobility Trust stepped in to identify which wheelchair would suit him best and raised the funds so that he can now live his life to the full.


Angela is in constant pain every day but tries her utmost to look after her three children at the same time as holding down a part-time job. Now that Mobility Trust has provided her with a scooter, daily life is no longer quite such a battle for her and she no longer has to always rely on others for support.


Jimmy’s mental health was suffering following a stroke which had left him isolated at home. Still a young man, Jimmy wanted to be able to live as full a life as possible: visit his son, take his dog for a walk and do the shopping without having always to rely on others. Now that Mobility Trust has provided him with a scooter, Jimmy has regained his freedom and is once again able to face life in a positive frame of mind.


Charles can only walk very short distances with the aid of two crutches due to a damaged spine and heart problems which leave him very short of breath.  Mobility Trust was able to provide him with a powered wheelchair with specialist seating to make sure he is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Now Charles is no longer stuck at home and is able to visit with friends and make a positive contribution to his community.
Mobility Trust provides powered wheelchairs and scooters for UK residents who have severe disabilities and who cannot obtain such equipment through other means. We aim to reach and help people who, quite simply, have nowhere else to turn. We are the only UK charity that provides such broad support, regardless of age or cause of disabilities.

I am writing to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to you and all at Mobility Trust for the wonderful gift of the Puma 20 Power Chair. I know it will make such a big difference to my life and give me the freedom and independence I so need.


A very big thank you for providing my electric wheelchair. I cannot tell you enough just what a difference the chair has made to my life and the independence that it has given back to me. Words cannot come close to expressing the difference that the chair has made to my quality of life.

Thank you so much for providing the funding for Édbhinne’s wheelchair – I could never have afforded such an expensive piece of equipment myself and I’m deeply grateful for all the help you have given us. It is a wonderful piece of machinery and is already making a huge difference to Édbhinne. She loves being wheeled around town in it and even her nurses are singing its praises.


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