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Why are we needed?


A powered wheelchair can cost between £3,000 and £15,000 depending on the severity of the disability and the adaptations needed, this is totally out of reach for most people and large national charities rarely meet the full cost.


Each year we receive several hundred requests for mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs from people in dire need both medically and financially.


We believe that mobility is the key to maintaining and rediscovering independence and a quality of life that is lost for many when their mobility reduces. The freedom that a powered wheelchair or scooter can bring to someone’s life is not something that is easy to appreciate. But for many people this can mean that they are able to join their family and friends to participate in day to day experiences like walking the dog, taking their children to the park, visiting the shops, meeting for coffee, attending groups/clubs and posting a letter. Enabling them to get out and be part of their local community wherever possible.


In complex cases where there are severe skeletal malformations or lack of muscle strength to self-support it is vital that the individual has the right seating fitted to their wheelchair. The wrong support can accelerate further skeletal damage and tissue breakdown. It can also profoundly affect, well being, dignity and self-image. Getting this right now means fewer health problems in the future.


Most people are under the impression that the state will always provide, but sadly this is not so. Disability, through illness or accident, can hit any one of us at anytime, we are here to help. We regard our duty of care as a vital part of all we do. We have the expertise but we do need your help to be able to continue helping.