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If you need help


If you are in desperate need of a powered wheelchair or scooter and cannot obtain one through statutory sources or afford to purchase such equipment yourself, you can apply to Mobility Trust.

You can do this by either ringing the team on 0118 4660195 or 0118 9842588 or by writing a letter explaining why you need this equipment, giving details of any disabilities you have and the cause of them.

We will also need to know the following information so that we can see whether or not we can help you:


         Do you receive DLA (PIP) for mobility?  If you receive the high rate and do not use it towards a car or other mobility equipment, we normally suggest you use this allowance to obtain a powered wheelchair or scooter through the government-sponsored Motability scheme.  We will however look at each case individually and may make exceptions to this.


         One other criteria relates to storage of the equipment.  We can only provide mobility equipment if there is suitable storage, i.e. accessible, fully enclosed (roofed and walled), weatherproof, lockable and with power for charging.  Please do let us know whether you have suitable scooter/powered wheelchair storage.

Address your letter to:

Mrs Denise Valentine
Mobility Trust
19 Reading Road

If you are unable to send a letter you can send it by Email in the form of a letter, preferably as an attachment.
Please make sure that you include your name, address and telephone number.

Please address your email to Mrs Denise Valentine and sent it to: